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Life Wisdom

My Wife Is A Terrible Piano Player
Talent is a façade, learning anything is hard work and we all start out terrible.

The Paradox of Happiness
Happiness is inside you, there’s no where to get to.

Doing What You Love Won’t Make You Happy
What we think about our work is more relevant to our happiness than what we do for work.

Dating & Relationships

Being Married Is Killing My Relationship
Six of the most common and unseen expectations that we carry in our relationships.

My Relationship Sucks, and So Does Yours
An honest answer to “how are you and your wife doing”?

How to Pick Up Men Without Being Aggressive
The confident woman’s guide to not scaring off men.

The Peculiar Reason That Men (and Women) Are Afraid Of Deep Relationships
The shift that had me propose to my wife 4 months after we met.

Leadership & The Navy

I’ve written some articles about the Navy that I’m really proud of.  Although the lessons in them can apply to anyone, they are more specifically geared toward people who have been in or around the military.

Things I Wish They Told Me at The Naval Academy
38 things I wish they told me about leadership, happiness and going Nuke SWO.

3 Myths About Dating at The Naval Academy
Here I suggest that dating women at the Naval Academy isn’t a bad idea.  This article shouldn’t be as controversial as it is.

The Bad Habit I Took Away from the Naval Academy
What I learned peeing next to a 3-star admiral at a bar in Annapolis