Hi, I’m Dave Booda


This is my favorite poem, this too
I started IntimacyFest
I’m a minimalist
I support feminism
I host Darken the Page
I started TEDxCardiffbytheSea
I eat mostly vegan
I’m not monogamous
I’ve appeared on many podcasts

Current location:
On a bicycle between Vancouver and San Diego


Favorite Quotes

The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you, but yourself.

~ Rita Mae Brown

“Nothing’s worth leaving myself for. Not being on time, not getting everything done, not “getting” love. If the whole world falls apart because I do what it takes to stay right here, in deliciously continuous contact with myself, so be it. If I lose some money, lose some friends, and let balls drop like flies, so be it. I would die for this beauty of myself, unfolding at the speed of blooming.”

~ Lindsay Sworski


Email: davebooda@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/davebooda
Twitter: @davebooda