Hi, I’m an Asshole.

At least that’s what I’m afraid you’ll think of me.

For my entire life, I’ve been scared that if I told people what I really thought or what I really believed, I would end up hurting them and looking like a jerk.

So I bit my tongue. I took the path of least resistance.

I wouldn’t tell people that I think marriage makes relationships harder, the nuclear family makes us lonely, and I don’t give a fuck about their new car.

Then I started sharing my opinion on this site.

I realized that here, I can say whatever I want and people can agree, disagree, or reject it all together. I don’t have to play nice, and I don’t have to hold back.

I can practice telling the truth.

I consider each essay a work of art, not because it should be in a museum, but because I give it everything I’ve got.

I hope this site stretches your mind, but most importantly — I hope it encourages you to say what you need to say, however that looks.

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Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my work.








(but honestly, who cares?)


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