Hi, I’m Dave Booda



This is my favorite poem
I started IntimacyFest
I consider myself a minimalist
I practice non-monogamy
I live in an intentional community and I’m on the board of directors for the FIC
I’ve traveled a lot 

Current location:
Bonsall, CA



Thinks outside the box  
Makes everything fun  
Loves improvising  
Disruptive thinker  
Makes amends  


  Doesn’t like the box
  Needs everything to be fun
  Dislikes planning
  Generally disruptive
  Makes a mess 

Favorite Quotes

The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you, but yourself.

~ Rita Mae Brown

Nothing’s worth leaving myself for. Not being on time, not getting everything done, not “getting” love. If the whole world falls apart because I do what it takes to stay right here, in deliciously continuous contact with myself, so be it. If I lose some money, lose some friends, and let balls drop like flies, so be it. I would die for this beauty of myself, unfolding at the speed of blooming.

~ Lindsay Sworski



Don’t contact me if you’re interested in guest blogging, or wanting me to link to your work or promote your products in any way. The answer is already no.

Email: dave@boodaism.com
Facebook: facebook.com/boodaism 


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