Dave Booda

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e: dave@boodaism.com
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Formal Education

Bachelor of Science — United States Naval Academy, class of 2005

Past & Active Projects

Boodaism, Est. 2011
Over 250 essays on relationships, community and living a meaningful life.

Boodaism Podcast, Est. 2015 
I read each essay from this site (Boodaism) and it’s also a podcast feed. It’s like an audiobook for the essays.

IntimacyFest, Est. 2015
IntimacyFest is a festival limited to 50 people, it runs for 4 days and creates a container for folks to learn and grow in the areas of relationships, authenticity and personal expression.

It Takes a Village (2021 Documentary)
For the 10th anniversary of The Emerald Village I interviewed all the founders and created a 40-minute documentary about what it took to start and establish an intentional community.

Darken the Page Podcast (2014-2017)
A podcast about the creative process where I interviewed writers, and creatives of all kinds about how they make their art (70 episodes).

Dude Panel, 2012-2017
YouTube Channel (24K Subscribers) & Podcast (139 episodes)
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TEDxCardiffbytheSea (2017)
I was the primary organizer for a TEDx conference, in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA.
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The Mission, 2011-2015
Co-founded a men’s group in San Diego focused on growth and brotherhood.

The Dojo, 2010-2015
Bought and remodeled a 5-bedroom house in San Diego and started a community of musicians.

Spirit Animal

Seth Godin

Work Experience

  • Self-Employed, Copywriter, 2013-present
  • Self-Employed, Singer/Songwriter, 2006-present
    • Played over 1000 shows across the U.S.
  • Led over 200 workshops on communication, touch and authenticity
  • Mission Bay Aquatic Center Sailing Instructor, 2013-2020
  • U.S. Navy Officer, 2005—2010 USS GREEN BAY (LPD-20) & USS PELELIU (LHA-5) Led divisions of 15-20 people. Navigated big ships through small areas.

Favorite Quote

The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you, but yourself.

~ Rita Mae Brown


Thinks outside the box
Makes everything fun
Loves improvising
Disruptive thinker
Makes amends


Doesn’t like the box
Needs everything to be fun
Dislikes planning
Generally disruptive
Makes a mess