Best Audiobooks


This list is for audiobook lovers, which is different than a list for book lovers.

A great audio isn’t just a great book, it’s also a great performance. Every book I recommend on this page gets an A+ for narration, as well as content.

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My Top Audiobooks

Just Mercy – Bryan Stevenson
Incredible story of a black lawyer in the south who takes on the justice system with determination, heart and guts.

Chasing the Scream – Johann Hari
The very important story of how our war on drugs started, why it’s a terrible idea and what other countries (and our own) are doing to find a new way.

Ishmael – An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit
I am forever different for having read this book. It’s a must read for anyone who is willing to question the beliefs and culture that we now live in. Amazing perspective on how humans in the last 10,000 years (since the beginning of agriculture) have been driving toward a proverbial cliff. Also, the narrator for this is amazing! Anthony Heald, my new favorite voice actor. He does an amazing job. The one downside to this is it’s the abridged version, but after hearing this I’m excited to read the whole book.

Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand
64 hours of pure pleasure listening to Scott Brick (one of my favorite narrators) read this classic. It’s long, and it’s worth it. The Fountainhead is also amazing (and half as long).

The Music Lesson – Victor Wooten
This book as an audio is true gold. I’ve been playing music for 25 years and it still shifted the way I think about music. Highly recommended for anyone, especially musicians.

America’s War for the Greater Middle East – Andrew J. Bacevich
This book chronicles the absurd and all-too-familiar war in the middle east that the United States got into. It’s a no-bullshit look at why we got into it, what we achieved and what the consequences were, written by a retired Army Colonel. It forever changed the way I think about this war.

Others That Won’t Disappoint

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert
Elizabeth Gilbert has such an amazing way of connecting to people through her own humanness and this book is no exception. Well written and well read.

Everything by Seth Godin
Seth Godin is like the Denzel Washington of marketing and business advice. Everything he does is so good, and I love listening to him read all his books.

Triggers – Marshall Goldsmith
A great book for anyone looking to investigate and change human behavior. Marshall is an incredible speaker and his passion and love really shine through in his narration.

The Truth – Neil Strauss
Neil Strauss is a master story-teller, and also a fearless adventurer when it comes to relationships. Good news for us. This book had my attention from start to finish.

Emergency – Neil Strauss
Fascinating look into the world of survivalists and how we can all learn by Neil’s quest to be a little more self-reliant. His narration is personal and engaging.

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