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I Promise, It’s Not Lame to Ask A Woman for Permission
Six years ago a woman accused me of rape. This is what happened after.

The Peculiar Reason That Men (and Women) Are Afraid Of Deep Relationships
The shift that had me propose to Paula four months after we met.

My Wife Is A Terrible Piano Player
A rant about how talent is a façade and why persistence wins.

Lonely is the New Normal
Why the nuclear family was the worst social experiment we’ve ever tried.

Paula’s Favorites

The Sexiest Thing A Man Can Do For A Woman In Bed
Not a technique, not a skill. Simple, bold and beautiful.

The Paradox of Happiness
Turns out we’ve been looking in the wrong box.

Hail to the King
A fitting tribute to all those who risk themselves for the sake of making art.


The Beauty of Under Achievement [4-Part Collection]
A refreshing relief from the constant message of “do more, achieve more”.

Stickin’ It to the Man [3-Part Collection]
Articles that speak to the rebel inside us who never asks for permission and always follow his/her truth.

Four Years Together by the Bay [4-Part Collection]
Lessons learned from my four memorable years at Annapolis and in the fleet.

The Roller Coaster Ride of Marriage [4-Part Collection]
The ups, the downs, and what we’ve learned from being guinea pigs in the world of marriage.

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