This World, Again?

October 10, 1982


Huh, I didn’t expect that.
I haven’t been a human in a while.

The last couple go arounds were pretty great, so I hope this one lives up.

This life I think I’m going to be a blogger. Blogging hasn’t been invented yet so until then I’m just going to give my opinion to random people and hope they listen.

Being a human baby is tough, I won’t even be able to walk on my own for a whole year. When I was goat I was walking around within the hour.

Looks as though I’m in a pretty good situation though, I’m white and I was born a boy. My parents are a nice upper-middle class family in Massachusetts. Looks like I’ll be looking forward to all sorts of unexamined privilege.

Anyway, I gotta go get washed off and cry some more, parental training begins now!

See you soon, internet.


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