Better Brother Foundation

Men do some ridiculous things to receive love from women.

  • We become rich and wealthy doing work that doesn’t nourish us.
  • We buy expensive gifts and desperately hope for reciprocation.
  • We work endlessly for high social status in hopes we might become the “cool kid”.
  • We learn “seduction” techniques in hopes we can say or do the right thing to make her want to have sex with us.
  • We spend hours pondering “what it means to be a man” and secretly hope that by measuring up to this imaginary standard women will admire us, love us and give us sex.

But what if you could have a nourishing love life without all this bullshit?

I think you can, because I do. I started something called the Better Brother Foundation. It’s for men who want better love lives by aligning themselves with women, instead of learning how to become better at seducing them.