Everything I Write Is Bullshit

December 7, 2013

Before you read anything I write, there’s something you should know.

Everything I write is bullshit.

I don’t have a grand theory that explains what I believe, I’m not a doctor, and I have no credentials. Also, everything I say will probably be wrong soon, and I love changing my mind. I love the never-ending search for truth and in that, I often look at what I wrote in the past and realize it’s no longer true.

Maybe you can say the same about yourself. Five years ago, did you have the same beliefs you do today? What about five months ago? Me neither. I’m always changing, always evolving, which means sometimes I’ll go back on what I wrote and say “yeah, I don’t think that’s true anymore”.

So what now?

If everything I write is bullshit, than how is it possible that someone like you could get any value from anything I write?

This writing exists to provoke you, to inspire new thought. I am not in the business of providing truth, I’m in the business of bringing out your truth. Not the truth that the media sold you, or what your parents said, or your religion, or your friends. Your truth.

I want to challenge what you’ve been told to find that underneath all that social conditioning is a perfect human being that knows exactly what to do and how to do it. I want to coax your intuition to come out and play. Take a sentence like this, for example.

How you do one thing, is how you do everything.

The statement is bullshit. Can you find examples where this isn’t true? Of course you can. The statement is not true or false, it exists to provoke you, and maybe it did. The statement also has the potential to change lives. It could be exactly what someone needed to hear to help them see a blind spot in their life.

Let’s talk about being wrong

I’m an expert on the subject of being wrong, and it’s because I really really really really like being right. One day I found out I could be right all the time if I said one simple phrase. It’s helped me avoid countless arguments, increased my confidence and done wonders for my piece of mind…

I don’t know.

It’s the most beautiful phrase in the world, because it’s undeniably true, yet so many people are afraid to say it. Byron Katie said “I don’t know is the most spiritual thing you can say” and I couldn’t agree more. What a relief it was when I found out that when I was certain of things, and when I “knew” things I was almost always bullshitting. Now when I say “I don’t know” it’s like a cool summer breeze. I love giving myself permission to not know, because it allows me to say whatever I want as an experiment. I don’t have to be right because I’m actually never right, I’m only a person with an opinion that provokes people.

Give yourself permission to be wrong

How much of your gifts do you hold back because you don’t want to be wrong? Do you give yourself permission to change your mind? Are you terrified of being a flip-flopper?

The next time you’re unsure of what to say or how to say it, realize that you don’t actually know the truth. Everything you share is what’s true for you now, and it will probably change. You can’t be wrong because if you zoom out enough, you always are.

So, why not let it rip?
Speak your mind.
Give your opinion.
Stand for something.

You just might provoke someone else to do the same.


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