Are You Really In Control of Your Life?

August 10, 2015

I love walking through automatic doors, then right before they open raising my hands and pretending I’m opening them with special powers. Isn’t that fun?

Isn’t it fun to pretend like you’re in control? 

We go through life thinking that we are in the drivers seat, thinking we are in control and that everything happens because we did it. We are like children in the passenger seat of a car with our toy steering wheel set, watching the road and turning the wheel just as the car turns, thinking it was us that turned the car. 

I meet people all the time who want to be more in control of their life. They want things to happen in a certain way, and they are convinced that they can create their future.

Have you ever been able to control the course of your life? Take a look. Is where you are right now where you thought you would be? Are you living life or is life living you?

It seems that when we really get honest with ourselves, we notice that our attempts to control the course of our life are like a child in a car with the toy steering wheel. We press buttons, pull levers and turn wheels that aren’t connected to anything. Occasionally the button we push matches up with what life gives us and in those moments we celebrate and say “I did it! I’m finally in control of my life.”

Try deciding what you’ll want tomorrow. Try “making” a decision. Is it you making up your mind or is it you noticing the decision that has already been made before your conscious mind got involved? What would happen if you stopped trying to make decisions? They are being made without you trying anyway, so what if you just relaxed? What would happen if you put down the toy steering wheel? 

When you realize life is happening whether you get involved or not, there’s no need to stop trying to control life, because you see that the levers and buttons that you were using aren’t actually connected to anything.

Let go, and enjoy the ride.


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