A Minimalist Christmas Poem

michael schmidt

December 21, 2016

Twas the night before Christmas and I was a mess,
I had not done my shopping, as you can probably guess.
My family did plan, for months in advance,
And never left holiday shopping to chance.

I wanted to charm them, I wanted to share,
A wonderful gift, to show them I care.
I thought and I thought, what now could I do?
The stores are all closed, I hadn’t a clue.

When up from my mind, there arose a new thought,
As I stroked on my beard, which happens quite a lot.
Instead of an iPad, a trinket or toy,
I could gift an experience, to bring them more joy.

With no shipping needed, no lines at the mall,
This could be the simplest gift of them all.
A cooking class, a concert, or spa for the day
I could buy these online, I could have them right away!

How happy it makes me, to not need more things,
Because seen from perspective, we all live like kings.
We buy what we need, and discard the rest,
So why should a holiday, just add to that mess?

You may call me a hippie, and I wouldn’t protest,
But some people say, that these gifts are the best.
They give us experiences, instead of more stuff,
Because moments are something, we can’t have enough.

At the end of our days, when the gifts have been given,
The returns have been made, and the fruit-baskets forgiven,
What matters the most is the love we imbue,
So let’s make more memories, and share in them too.

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