To My Overachieving Friends, Whom I Love Dearly [Poem]

lindsay moeser

June 13, 2018

When all the websites have been built,
When all the funding has been sought.
When all the companies have been sold,
When all the Teslas have been bought.

When all the charities have been started,
When all the employees have been hired.
When all the dreams have been fulfilled,
When all the people have been inspired.

When all the books have been written,
When all the goals have been achieved.
When all the milestones have been met,
When all the dividends have been received.

When all the kids have grown up,
When all the records have been beat.
When all the kitchens are remodeled,
When all the renovations are complete.

I’ll be walking on the beach,
If you’d like to come stop by,
Or maybe shooting hoops,
Playing music, or getting high.

I do love our ambition,
But it can also be a pain.
Because I can’t help but wonder,
If you there’s any more for us to gain.

Wouldn’t it be ironic,
If the things we’re working for,
Like time with kids and dinner with friends,
Aren’t accomplished by doing more?

Maybe it’s quite simple,
Like the Mexican fisherman said.
And all that’s in our way,
Are the stories in our head.

About what we need,
Or who we should be,
Or what we must do—
Before we feel free.

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