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Dave Booda is a writer, musician and social entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of IntimacyFest and hosts The Darkness Experiment. He has led over 400 workshops on connection, touch and relationships and has consulted for and facilitated experiences for companies, communities, retreats, festivals, conferences, birthday parties, orgies, weddings, funerals, and gatherings of all kinds — with the intention to inspire authenticity, connection and group cohesion. He has published over 200 essays for and played over 1000 shows as a touring singer/songwriter. He is a former Naval Officer and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, currently serving on the board of directors for the Foundation for Intentional Community while touring and living at different intentional communities in North America.


Honest and often controversial takes on relationships, creativity and happiness. This is like an “audio-blog” in that the podcast is me reading each essay.


Darken the Page
Conversations about the creative process with writers, songwriters and artists. As entertaining as it is inspiring.




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