The secret to a happy life is to allow constant change.

Live on the earth, navigate with the stars.

Laughter is the most profound spiritual experience.

Being bold is easy if you are willing to be wrong.

Trying to avoid judgement is like trying to avoid germs, it’s hopeless.  The only thing you can really do is strengthen your immunity. 

Stop working to find your soulmate, start working to find your soul.

The beauty you see in the world is always a reflection of the beauty you see in yourself.

If you give more than you get, you’ll always have enough.

I would rather test my personality than do a personality test.

Sometimes you have to shake the cage to wake the lion.

Charisma starts when you stop caring what people think about you.

The difference between people who desire something and people who go out and get it, is that.

You aren’t that which needs the strength, you are the strength.

Talent is a façade for hard work.

The fear of death does not exist, it is only a fear of never having lived fully.

Our true strength can be measured by our capacity to resist hate.

Inspiration always works both ways.

A comfortable life will plant seeds of regret.

When you see others as competition, it’s always because you are not seeing yourself as unique.

Embrace your weirdness.

Your capacity to love others, depends on your ability to love yourself.