Relationship Communication [6-Part Video Series]


Dear Friend,

There are a couple things you should know before you begin.

  1. We always role model what we share.
    When we demo the exercises we don’t use a script or recall things from the past, we play it out live in the moment. That means it’s raw, honest and often vulnerable.
  2. We only share what worked for us.
    All these exercises came from our experimenting. They aren’t prescribed by doctors or psychologists, they’re just simple communication games that worked for us.
  3. You can steal these.
    Feel free to alter them, pass them on and make them your own. We don’t hold onto these as intellectual property, rather we hope they reach as many people as possible.

That’s it! Enjoy and feel free to email us both at with any comments or questions, we’d love to hear from you.

Video 1: What I Appreciate About You

Video 2: What I’m Withholding

Video 3: What I Judge About You

Video 4: Violent Communication Game

Video 5: My Wish For You

Video 6: What’s Between Us

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