The Beauty of Under Achievement
 [4-Part Collection]


Achievement is great thing, but it’s not the only thing.

Often in western society we get so bombarded with the notion that we have to be bigger, better and more that we forget the beauty of being smaller, more humble and less. These are articles I’ve written with that theme in mind, plus one that I love from Tad Hargrave. I thought since they all represent a similar perspective, they would want to hang out together.

This is a 4-Part Collection (put together retro-actively) which highlights the perspectives about life that you may not hear at the next motivational seminar.

Part 1: 4 Habits of Highly Effective People Who Are Never Satisfied

Part 2: Doing What You Love Won’t Make You Happy

Part 3: Why “Stop Playing Small” Is Bullshit (by Tad Hargrave)

Part 4: You Don’t Want It Bad Enough, and That’s Okay