Understanding the Root Cause of Back Pain


I’m a desperate man. 

I’m desperate because I’ve had back pain for almost as long as I can remember, and it got significantly worse after spending a summer on small boats crashing over waves in the ocean. At the end of that summer I got diagnosed with something called Anterolisthesis, which is a fancy word for a partially slipped disc in my back. This happened in 2006 and since then I’ve tried various remedies with no real lasting results. I worked with several chiropractors, did acupuncture and it all left me frustrated and hopeless.

Turns out I was missing the key to actually fixing back pain… posture.

It sounds so obvious, but the truth was I didn’t actually know what kind of posture was healthy. Not only that, but I had gotten the notion that pulling my shoulders back and opening my chest would help, so I was adding extra tension by trying to compensate bad posture with my arms and shoulders. The result was a big old mess.

I had pretty much given up until one day I met a man named Tyr Throne in Ubud, Bali. I had been living in Bali for several months and at the time I was experiencing more back pain than usual. I needed some support. Turns out I was in the right place at the right time. 

Tyr was different than anyone else I had ever gone to for back pain. He didn’t address the pain, he addressed my posture. He showed me how my posture was putting stress on my back and instantly I got to see what had been the cause of all this pain. It was extremely eye-opening and I instantly wondered where this man had been all my life. I had wasted so much time with other practitioners who never got to the root of what was causing my pain.

Am I pain free now? No I’m not, but it’s better, and the best part is my pain isn’t a mystery to me anymore. I understand where it’s coming from and how to remedy it myself, without visiting a chiropractor every week (which didn’t work anyways). I just ordered a stand for my laptop, and I’m way more conscious of my posture.

Honestly, working with Tyr would have been worth a trip to Bali, and I’m lucky I found him while I was living there.

Visit Tyr’s website or if you happen to visit Bali, email him.