What If Every Day Was Sunday?

December 25, 2014

I noticed something funny the other day…

I experience less anxiety on Sundays, yet it’s usually the day when I accomplish the least. Why is that?

Seems to me that long ago, we created a story that Sunday was our day of rest, and we then removed all expectations from it. We allowed ourselves to relax, doing nothing was completely ok and if we accomplished something it was a bonus, but not required.

So what if we treated every day like it was Sunday?

I don’t mean what if we stopped trying to accomplish things in our life, but what if we quit it with all the expectations? What if we stopped beating ourselves up for doing nothing, since sometimes, nothing is exactly what’s required.

In reality, is there an actual difference between Sunday and Monday? No. Everything that we think “is the way it is” was completely made up. It could have easily been the other way around, we could have chosen Monday as the day of rest. Or think about some cultures that have “siesta”, where they take a nap and rest in the middle of the afternoon. I bet you they don’t stress about not getting anything done between 2-4pm, why? It’s siesta.

So what do the days of the week mean to you? Is it easier to relax on Sunday than it is on Tuesday? What if you changed all that? Might as well customize it… you were the one who made it up in the first place.


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