You Don’t Have Time for Art [Poem]

Giandomenico Jardella

May 2, 2018

You don’t have time for art,
But art has time for you.
She’s like a friend who’s down
For whatever you want to do.

Art is not a contest
There are no judges to be had,
And all your feelings are welcome
Be them happy, angry or sad.

Your job is not perfection,
We’re not so good at that.
Your job is just to clear your mind,
And start from where you’re at.

You say you’re busy?
Well that’s okay.
Paint a picture,
About your busy day.

Feeling blocked?
Can’t write a lyric?
Then write a song
About your inner critic.

Art says yes
To wherever you’re at.
Art says “yeah,
we can work with that”.

Art can’t be stopped
She will always find a way,
So there’s no good reason
You can’t start today.

There’s no need for a masterpiece,
Just start with something true.
You don’t have time for art —
But art has time for you.

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