Workshops & Talks

These are some events I’ve run in the past. Everything I do is tailored to fit the audience, but this will give you an idea of some of what I can offer.

Owning Your Desires Without Starting Fires

In a post #metoo world, it seems straight men are faced with two frustrating options when it comes to sex and dating.

Option 1—Express their desires fully and leave women hurt and resentful.
Option 2—Repress their desires and avoid any interactions that might upset someone, now or in the future.

What if there was a viable third option? What if there was a way to not hold back your desires and still leave people better than you found them?

Social Massage: A Hands on Workshop On the Art of Touch

This workshop was born from the desire to teach people real, useful massage skills without them needing to attend a long, expensive practitioner training. It’s fun, playful and often ends with a pile of people on top of each other.

I also do “Social Massage in the Dark” which is a similar workshop, but blindfolded.

Men’s Sexuality: Mindful Masturbation, Homophobia and Taking It Up The Ass

Taking on all the things that are taboo about men’s sexuality—mindful masturbation, homophobia, ass-play, gender identity, porn, etc… in a frank, honest discussion intended to expand your world and break down the walls of what’s possible.

Conscious Polarity: Moving Beyond the Binary for More Passion, Fulfillment and Creativity in Relationships

How can we have passionate and sexy relationships without feeling stuck in gender roles? This is an important discussion where we break down gender roles, de-couple gender from polarity (masculine-feminine energy) and look at how consciously choosing those roles versus accepting the default can be a huge win for romantic relationships.

Elephants in the Room: Intimacy Through Saying What’s Not Being Said

This workshop is derived from an exercise we do at IntimacyFest called “What’s Between Us”. It’s a way to name the ways we keep people at a distance by revealing ourself and dissolving the things that keep us from loving each other.

To inquire about having me come to your festival or lead a workshop in your town, email me at