On Writing

December 21, 2014

I was a math wiz.

In fact, growing up I was so good at math that in the 2nd grade I got my first gig as a teacher’s assistant, since I already knew what they other kids were learning. I helped the teacher correct papers and went around to the other kids to help them. All through high school math was a breeze and it was always my favorite subject. English though, was a different story.

I hated English.

The words “reading comprehension” made me shiver and Cliff’s Notes became my best friend because the last thing I wanted to do was trudge through Shakespeare. While I was getting straight A’s in math, my grades in English were always low. I assumed that because I struggled in English that I wasn’t a very good writer. Then one day all that changed, and it was the day I wrote about something I really cared about, something I was passionate about. I wrote letters to people who mattered to me, I wrote poems for loved ones, I wrote songs about things I cared about. Passion changed everything.

Today, I’m still coming to terms with this whole business of writing. Am I a writer? It certainly seems that after all these years of having different interests, hobbies and professions, writing is one thing that’s stayed consistent for me. The art of communicating through the written word. Now after 32 years of life I’ve decided to give myself to this thing called writing. For me that means publishing every week, and I’ve chosen to publish on Mondays. It means writing not for a result or hits on a website, but writing for the sake of writing itself. Writing so I can see myself more clearly. Writing so I can experience the magic of letting go and creating from nothing.

I’m also beginning a new podcast that I’m incredibly excited about, it’s called Darken the Page. In it I will interview other writers and ask them about their creative process. I want to dive into the craft of writing, much like James Lipton does in “Inside the Actor’s Studio”. For now, readers of this blog can expect a new article every Monday for the next three years. The podcast will launch in January.

Thanks for being a part of this journey, and I look forward to so much more writing in 2015.


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